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Friday, February 21, 2014

I am  back fellas!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comfort Zone

Good day blogger friends! I am sorry for not updating my blog due to some circumstances that failed me to do so. It was crazy moving from another sanctuary with the help of God we are pretty good in shape nowadays. Our team up and chemistry  with my husband brings ambiguous journey. I am loving the idea of  being safe in our comfort zone:)  It was like we are living in a religious place that silence brings peace. I am thankful to God and to my husband for providing such love and thoughtful godly like. I am praying for another luck this coming Sunday. As far as I know, wishes and prayer go hand in hand to fulfill God's miracle. Blessed be God forever.


Friday, July 27, 2012

His Beloved Little One

Since day one, Little Baby yam and hubby are very close.
Little Baby yam is super loving. She poured so much kisses to  us everytime we get near of her. I know one thing, that means when she gets excited...... Potty time:) lol!!. She loves attention. When my hubby is away of course she is mine. She loves me too but when my husband's home he chose to stay close to him. She is staring at me when she finally cuddled by my husband.  Seems that she is trying to make me jealous because my husband gives her to much attention. Another thing, she loves to bark when you first met her but she settled down afterwards.  I never get tired of  her how much more for a real baby. Oh boy! God's time.I am hoping and praying that God will shower me a real gift. For the mean time, yam is still our little one but later maybe little bambino and bambina:)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Big Day

Still on the honeymoon:) yes it is! we are still on the level of happiness!!!

Friday, May 04, 2012

WILL to Stay Grounded

I decided to modify my article:) Rather I added picture to let people knew that they were my old group of friends.  I  tried to post this picture so that people can judge how lovely the downside of the world.  People by nature is rational. What they see is what they get but I have the right to speak up from my heart. No matter what  people say, until this moment I made it sure that my feet is planted still on the ground.  The lady in my back  was staring at me while I was singing. She was my friend before. It was funny how old picture still on my chip. Some are modified, edited and crop  so that it looks gorgeous. Behind those shadow of dreams,  I can honestly tell you if  there is no will to do the right thing there is no way to be in the right spot o be skinny. Based on my experiences, the WILL  to stay healthy is to stay connected to God. if people despise you based on her intellectual notions Guess what I will do. To stay healthy, looking gorgeous and happy with bunches of friends.