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Friday, February 21, 2014

I am  back fellas!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bedroom Furniture NYC

 One of the best places I adore the most is New York City. It has been my dream to visit and I would like to see the place in person. My dearest lady friend is convencing me to get ahold of her so that we can talk about when I will be flying. It is my pleasure to unwind with a friend and of course to see the most facinating showroom bedroom furniture nyc.My friend Jam is telling me how her show room is ready when I gets there. She have organic mattresses and pillows of course Christmas is lingering through day by day.I am expecting that her bath and spa is a blessed place to relax during my visit. I am plannin to bring my pet.Oh my God she said that pet is allowed. I maybe bringing my little baby. All in all, I am dreaming to see her half million house with full of marvelous furniture and I maybe busy but if its God's will surely I am going to see her place and the City that never sleeps.

Shock Absorbers

Nowadays, social networking is famous to anyone and you can find stuffs anywhere in different websites like facebook and twitter. We are updated to all the things that we have. First,  there are accessories for  shock absorberslike Clives Mout, Stop collar, Square Flange, short stop collar,long stop collar, rectangular flange, lock ring, Hex Jam nut shock absorber and many more. You can freakingly find almost everything in this fabulous website. These selections of shock absorber accessories offered for fitment needs.Another thing, If you need for free catalog you can order a free catalog and mini catalog or you can talk to their customer service for further questions. You can actually contact them if you need something for special requests.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Muck Boots

Last night my friend called up saying that we will be going somewhere on friday shopping for black friday. I felt  thrilled and excited because shopping galore is one of the best time to get good deals. Even if its not black friday I want to go shopping especially to my fave  muck boots here I would love to get the shoes no matter what. That is me:) The real hot freebee. My friend Mau is excited too because she wants to experience shopping on black friday. I am sure we can get good deals for the items we want. Our agreement is fix and we will be going out on friday for black friday Shopping.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comfort Zone

Good day blogger friends! I am sorry for not updating my blog due to some circumstances that failed me to do so. It was crazy moving from another sanctuary with the help of God we are pretty good in shape nowadays. Our team up and chemistry  with my husband brings ambiguous journey. I am loving the idea of  being safe in our comfort zone:)  It was like we are living in a religious place that silence brings peace. I am thankful to God and to my husband for providing such love and thoughtful godly like. I am praying for another luck this coming Sunday. As far as I know, wishes and prayer go hand in hand to fulfill God's miracle. Blessed be God forever.


Friday, July 27, 2012

His Beloved Little One

Since day one, Little Baby yam and hubby are very close.
Little Baby yam is super loving. She poured so much kisses to  us everytime we get near of her. I know one thing, that means when she gets excited...... Potty time:) lol!!. She loves attention. When my hubby is away of course she is mine. She loves me too but when my husband's home he chose to stay close to him. She is staring at me when she finally cuddled by my husband.  Seems that she is trying to make me jealous because my husband gives her to much attention. Another thing, she loves to bark when you first met her but she settled down afterwards.  I never get tired of  her how much more for a real baby. Oh boy! God's time.I am hoping and praying that God will shower me a real gift. For the mean time, yam is still our little one but later maybe little bambino and bambina:)